• Nicky

Building your own Home Practice

Learning the Sun Salutation is a good place to begin developing your own Home Practice. I started there and slowly built up my own practice to include whatever Asanas I feel need regular practice at any given time. Right now, personally, I'm working on hip opening and mobility in my hip joint so after 2 slow Sun Salutations to carefully get everything moving and then 3 with my breath to calm my mind;

I flow through asanas that work on the hip joint. Once you feel confident doing the Sun Salutation on your own you can add and modify as suits you.

My students have asked for a slow flow - with all the verbal cues from my classes - for them to use at home until they have their own Sun Salutation that suits their bodies and minds. This is one I did on Froward Point near Dartmouth yesterday morning. Not very glamorous but hopefully fulfills its intention!

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